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This obstacle must take the following form: knowledge consists of two or more kinds which cannot be understood as an apparitional manifold.
Part I of the book features the writings of Edmund Gurney on crisis apparitional experiences, Charles Richet on spontaneous extrasensory experiences, William James on trance phenomena with the American medium Mrs.
The new worlds are apparitional, and no more solid than the old, but their imaginative scope is amazing.
In The Apparitional Lesbian, Terry Castle calls The Well "that much-maligned yet still fiercely compelling fiction" (7) and characterizes Hall's style as "hieratic, overwrought, full of melodramatic, dismal pomp" (51); see also Castle in Doan and Prosser 394-402.
2 This is a criticism joined, though from a slightly different angle, by Terry Castle in her "Polemical Introduction" to The Apparitional Lesbian, in which she characterizes Butler's reluctance to specify who or what a lesbian is as doing violence to the ordinary commonsensical meaning of "lesbian" (14).
There is a ghostly spill of light in the doorway and she has an apparitional
ALEXANDER SOKUROV'S single-take Russian Ark (2002) ends when the seemingly exhausted camera comes to rest on a slate-gray waterscape, one of the director's many apparitional images of the lost Russian soul.
In his paper "The Contribution of Apparitions to the Evidence for Survival" (Stevenson, 1982) he discusses the two main interpretations of veridical hallucinations (or apparitions), namely the theories of Gurney (all explained by telepathy) and of Myers, who argued that the perceived discarnate plays a part in generating the apparitional experience.
5) Various philosophical traditions struggle, as Coleridge does, to articulate relations to merely apparitional appearances.
The sections of the novel that narrate Gibreel Farishta's dreams of being transformed into his namesake, the angel Gabriel, represent this complexity most vividly, although other sections, staged in a less apparitional context, also engage with the world of belief.
The essay is reprinted from her 1993 book, The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture.