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His FA ban has three months to run - stretching until September 23 - and his appeal against the suspension is also still ongoing.
The North Wales club insist McGoona's drink was spiked in a bar the evening before the match and will appeal against the decision.
The jockey, who issued a terse "no comment" when contacted by Mirror Racing last night, has yet to learn the fate of his appeal against his punishment.
However, a HRA statement said: "That investigation has uncovered no evidence linking either Smart or Eddery with any corrupt practices and therefore their appeal against the findings and penalties imposed by the Southwell stewards can go ahead.
We're still going to appeal against the Kezman situation and we'll see what happens.
Simon Whitworth made a successful appeal against a whip ban following his ride on Quedex at Goodwood last Friday.
He applied two days ago to the High Court in Edinburgh to abandon his appeal against conviction.
PAUL CARBERRY'S appeal against a three-day ban imposed on him for his riding of Harchibald at Punchestown on November 20 will be heard by the Appeals and Referrals Committee of the Turf Club on Monday.
For the 2005 list, ratepayers still have the right to appeal against each and every valuation, but now can appeal at any time during the five-year life of the rating list, that is between April 1, 2005 until March 31, 2010.
Now the senior officer who led the investigation, Det Insp Matt Markham has asked the CPS if it is possible to appeal against the sentence.
United spokesman Paddy Harverson said: ``We will not be appealing because under the rules as we understand them, you cannot appeal against two yellow cards.
MANCHESTER United insist that Roy Keane still has another week to decide on an appeal against his five-match ban and pounds 150,000 fine from the FA.