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In the text explaining the recommendation, the Committee pointed to the "difficulties arising from definitions of an appealable order" (101) suggesting the Court's continued deliberations and lack of precision concerning the collateral order doctrine may have been a primary driving force behind their decision.
While the Golsen rule is firmly established, its application to (and effect on) unpublished dispositions from the appealable circuit is not entirely clear.
12) As one court has put it: The policy against piecemeal appeals is "relaxed and a partial judgment is appealable as a final order under Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 9.
Because discovery orders are not final, they usually are not immediately appealable.
If these trials were dealt with by a judge alone who was required to give reasons for a conviction - not merely a bald 'guilty' verdict - and was made appealable on fact or law, the risk of these appalling tragedies recurring would be substantially reduced, if not completely eliminated.
Of the 332 appealable decisions, 194 (about 58 percent) were appealed.
An overpayment such as this is an appealable decision.
While this decision is appealable, Buckeye executives are reportedly confident that the German Federal Patents court will also confirm its validity.
The Court also concluded that a trial court order directing an arbitration to proceed was a final decision that was then appealable under the appellate doctrines of the federal courts.
Any fine given in such instances is appealable and would normally be rescinded.
Because of a change in New Jersey law, an earlier jury's punitive damage award of $5 million is yet to be rehashed in the courts, and that decision is appealable by either side.
This case was appealable to the Sixth Circuit that decided Humana; thus, under the Golsen Rule (which provides that when a circuit court of appeals has spoken on an issue and a case is appealable to that circuit, the Tax Court will follow the rationale of that court of appeals in deciding the issue) the Tax Court was bound to follow Humana unless the case was factually distinguishable.