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COUNTRY. By country is meant the state of which one is a member.
     2. Every man's country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born, though there are some exceptions. See Domicil; Inhabitant. But a man has the natural right to expatriate himself, i. e. to abandon his country, or his right of citizenship acquired by means of naturalization in any country in which he may have taken up his residence. See Allegiance; Citizen; Expatriation. in another sense, country is the same as pais. (q.v.)

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When Blair appealed to the country in his consecutive broadcasts, he was calling on a politician's sense of the manipulative to enlist sympathy for himself and away from the protesters.
Today Geldof appealed to the country to take part and help to bring an end to the spectre of "children dying on our television screens".
THE father of a two- year old boy who was shot dead in Turkey appealed to the country to end its gun culture yesterday.