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Now, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that Dhaliwal and Kammer are also appealing against the jury's decisions, as well as that 14 of the other men have lodged appeals.
As such, the issue before the court is whether a party may appeal the amount of a civil appeal bond set by a J&DR to a circuit court without also appealing the underlying substantive ruling of the J&DR.
code, which refers to the inadmissibility of the appeal for annulment when the ground regarding the irregularity of the summon "could have been invoked in an appeal or recourse." On the one hand, there is a provision stating that extraordinary remedies may be exercised concurrently, the appeal being one of them, and, on the other hand, there is another provision according to which the extraordinary way of appealing is forbidden as long as there is an open appeal.
Employers also have been appealing the unemployment benefits awarded to former workers.