appealing to reason

See: disputable
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"We will do this by appealing to reason, and by highlighting the merits of federalism," he added.
I also don't want to hear politicians not appealing to reason in a rational manner, but appealing to the common person's fears.
Echoing Benedict XVI, she believes appealing to reason rather to than a relativist trend is one way to tackle the danger.
Religion, because it mobilizes passion rather than merely appealing to reason, is a potent force for good in a society too often under the sway of principalities and powers.(1)
This con is an attempt to win an argument by appealing to the masses, a mob, or a crowd, rather than by appealing to reason. It generally takes the form of "Everybody knows that...." as in "Everybody knows that Americans are imperialists (materialists, stupid, whatever)."
* Finally, the speaker must prove the truth of his premise by resort to persuasive argument; this is known as appealing to reason, or logos.
Ask a woman who puts on a horse's tail, wig, or extension why she does so and she will justify herself by appealing to reasons like beauty, easy maintenance, and "after all, I have the right to do what I want with my body", and "you men don't get it."