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He hadn't been gone from here, young lady,' said Rachael, turning appealingly to Louisa, 'as much as a week, when he sent me the only letter I have had from him, saying that he was forced to seek work in another name.
She had relieved the faithful fulness of her heart, and modestly said, raising her eyes appealingly to her new friend's, 'I did not mean to say so much, nor have I ever but once spoken about this before.
O Mr Wrayburn,' she replied appealingly, and weeping, 'you know me better than to think I do
MacDonald smiled feebly, and looked appealingly to me.
The Pygmalion story about the transformation of Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle into an English lady by appealingly arrogant phoneticist, Professor Higgins, is an endearing tale that charms audiences with its warmth and vivid characters.
Written as a memoir of the authors' tour along the highway, "An Artist and a Writer Travel Highway 1 Central" takes an appealingly idiosyncratic perspective, as the authors record their explorations off the beaten path, their serendipitous discoveries, and their personal reactions to the places and people they encounter.
The stock, with a price-to-earnings ratio recently near 10 is appealingly valued.
Fun penguin illustrations in full color depict a unique (but appealingly different) penguin and his fun world, which is filled with not just snow but multicolored swing sets, books and tables, and the specter of Old Rockhopper, the biggest penguin Porter's ever seen, and a wise but grouchy curmudgeon.
Whether as advanced introductions to figures the reader has not yet encountered deeply or as new presentations of those already known, the book's subjects--both well known and more obscure--are offered appealingly.
Paddy Power offer an appealingly out-of-line 8-5 that he wins 2-0 in today's Barcelona Open second-round clash.
Perfect Pastime remains appealingly treated off a mark of 58 - just 1lb higher than when he was last victorious - and has a far better draw than last time.
Only 5lb higher, he's appealingly treated and it's worth remembering he's now four from four when racing on heavy ground.