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The appeals court noted that the BRM conducted daily 60-minute Christian worship before dinner at the shelter.
The appeals court concluded that because Wachovia did not file its refund claims within the three-year limitation under section 6511(a), the district court, under section 7422, did not have jurisdiction.
The appeals court decision let stand a lower court ruling that held the VA incorrectly interpreted regulations to deny retroactive payments to veterans who filed claims after early 1994.
It is gratifying that the appeals court would not allow overly technical interpretations of the Endangered Species Act to stand in the way of its true intent," says Mark Van Putten, president of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the first group to appeal the wolf eviction order.
The appeals court also rejected the finding that, even if Franklin's consent was required, she gave the consent in writing with her August 1988 letter.
The July appeals court ruling came as something of a surprise--not because of what it said but because of how quickly the court handed it down.
In refusing to review the federal appeals court decision, Justice John Paul Stevens noted that the monument's first two lines about the Lord and God are "rather hard to square with the proposition that the monument expresses no particular religious preference.