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To come before a court as a party or a witness in a lawsuit.


v. for a party or an attorney to show up in court. (See: appearance)

References in classic literature ?
Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing.
The same afternoon brought a grey-headed, seedy visitor, looking like a Jew pedlar, who appeared to me to be much excited, and who was closely followed by a slip-shod elderly woman.
Above all, he appeared, like a philosopher, and all old soldiers are philosophers, -- he appeared above all to comprehend the ennuis infinitely better than the joys; but in the one he took his part, knowing very well how to do without the other.
It was not the first time, as it appeared, that the eyes of the officer had met those eyes, and he was perfectly acquainted with the expression of them; for, as soon as he had cast his own look upon the countenance of Louis XIV., and had read by it what was passing in his heart -- that is to say, all the ennui that oppressed him -- all the timid desire to go out which agitated him, -- he perceived he must render the king a service without his commanding it, -- almost in spite of himself.
Milady knew she might be watched, so she continued her prayers to the end; and it appeared to her that the soldier who was on duty at her door did not march with the same step, and seemed to listen.
A soft strain of music sounded, and then at the back of the cave appeared a little figure in cloudy white, with glittering wings, golden hair, and a garland of roses on its head.
The man's tunic appeared to have been fabricated upon a loom--it was certainly not made of skins, while the garments that covered his legs were quite as evidently made from the hides of rodents.
At six leagues from Marseilles, after having eaten some of the lozenges he is accustomed to take, he fell into such a deep sleep, that it appeared to me unnatural; still I hesitated to wake him, although I fancied that his face was flushed, and that the veins of his temples throbbed more violently than usual.
Upon hearing this he appeared satisfied and consented to come on board.
What had brought us thither must have appeared a complete mystery to them, and from our ignorance of the language it was impossible for us to enlighten them.
The iron gangs, or parties of convicts who have committed here some offense, appeared the least like England: they were working in chains, under the charge of sentries with loaded arms.
In ten minutes the lady appeared. She took the client's chair and lifted her veil.