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To come before a court as a party or a witness in a lawsuit.


v. for a party or an attorney to show up in court. (See: appearance)

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Awan argued, If there is more than one accused in a case then the suspects can be exempted from appearing.
He explained that due to the large number of students who were appearing for the test, they had to increase the number of testing centres apart from holding in different cities of the province in order to provide candidates with comfortable environment close to their homes.
She is also continuing to act and will be appearing as Tinkerbelle in the Christmas pantomime in Carlisle.
(24.) Books of use in the cure of souls accounted for almost 88% of the titles appearing on the Novarese book lists.
Another tall hurdle is Russia's continuing preoccupation with appearing to remain a world power on a par with the United States--despite the realities of a GDP the size of Denmark's and a primitive political system still struggling to emerge from the rubble of Soviet totalitarianism.
During her ABT career, Highton was considered somewhat of a mystery by the public, because of her reputation for canceling scheduled performances and then appearing unscheduled to substitute for other dancers.
Although Smith lists twenty-six criteria, the only one appearing in all ten sites is "graphic design" (Smith, 1997, p.
98) states: "What, unsurprisingly, many readers of The Universe, The Catholic Times, or The Catholic Herald (Editor: all Catholic weeklies in Britain) may be unaware of, is that Our Lady is certainly not appearing at Medjugorje.
To help users find items appearing in The Tax Adviser, a basic guide is presented for signing onto Compuserve and Accountants Forum, where The Tax Adviser is located.
First appearing in the June 1970 issue of modem casting and then in
He said, due to large number of students appearing for the test in Peshawar, it was conducted at two places which gave candidates a comfortable environment.
They danced the gioiosa, the chirintana, and the moresca, and at one point one of the brigata emerged from a room travestito in one of Lucrezia's own dresses.(23) So far as canti carnascialeschi themselves are concerned, for solid internal reasons the canzona de' confortini is datable before 1478 (the year of the Pazzi Conspiracy), and very possibly as early as 1474 (ten years before Isaac's arrival in Florence in 1484, only after which could he have set it to new music).(24) A letter from Piero Cennini to Pirrino Amerino describing the Feast of San Giovanni in 1475 is highly suggestive because of its description of boys on stilts hidden beneath the effigies of giants painted on paper, or appearing as spiritelli roaming the city together with fauns and centaurs: