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69 years ago, the British appeased the Arabs, denied Jews entry into the Holy land and sent them back to the Germany from which they had just escaped.
There are undeniable echoes of the past here, especially as back in the 30s the West appeased Hitler, just like it's appeased Putin over Ukraine.
The militants cannot be appeased, they must not be, he said.
The series of rallies was triggered by the appointment of notorious media mogul Delyan Peevski as Chair of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) back on June 14, but the protesters were not appeased by the subsequent cancellation of the decision and went on to demand the resignation of the Socialist-led cabinet over ties with oligarchs.
He said that many world leaders would readily sacrifice Israel to radical Islam just as Europe appeased the Nazis before World War II.
Neoconservatives, Reaganites and other militarily assertive factions in the United States are sometimes accused of thinking it is always 1938 (Britain's appeasement of Hitler at Munich)--that there is always a Hitler-like aggressor being appeased and about to drag the world into conflict.
Also, Mr Wilson, you stated that Britain has never appeased brutal dictatorship.
Archbishop Eames suggested the temporary withdrawal of the North American churches from the Anglican Consultative Council, which appeased those opposed to more liberal views on sexuality; the North American churches received acknowledgment that they had not acted illegally.
Troller alone, however, discusses physical love among prisoners, which occurred when their hunger was appeased by some strategy.
We've had problems with Railtrack that hopefully we have sorted out by accepting to have a mini-pitch laid instead of a full size practice ground and that has appeased Sport England, who were insistent they didn't want to lose two sporting areas (the Manor Park ground and the rugby pitch) and gain just one - the new stadium.