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Diving the country on the basis of religion, following the strategy of appeasement and giving special privilege to people on the basis of religion and creating a divide in the country, announcing to provide special privilege to people on the basis of religion, these policies are a step towards the division of the society," said Mishra.
Condemning Gandhi's statement, the BJP President said the party believed in politics of performance and not appeasement or dynasty," Goyal said, citing Shah.
This threat came despite several European countries pursing appeasement policies and giving Tehran billions of dollars via trade deals.
It would, therefore, be facile to suggest that appeasement has had little impact upon the political process.
It's embarrassing indeed that Kerry is forced to defend this policy of appeasement and "cooperation" with Russia in the face of very public skepticism from top U.
The most infamous case of appeasement occurred before World War II when Germany and Italy realized that democracies were avoiding conflict, clashes and confrontation, and both countries proceeded to test the limits.
Author Jim Auton presents students, academics, researchers, and general interest readers with a firsthand account of his time as a British airman during World War II and his personal investigation of what became of the resistance fighters he dropped supplies for after the war as a direct result of Western Allied appeasement of Stalin.
uk'' As Hitler discovered when he met Neville Chamberlain in 1938, Kate's political relatives were strongly anti-war - hence his policy of appeasement.
Role theory and the cognitive architecture of British appeasement decisions; symbolic and strategic interaction in world politics.
KARACHI -- Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), on Wednesday seemed unhappy over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's offer of talks to terrorists, saying that PM Sharif is pursuing a `policy of appeasement.
Despite surge in terror attacks, both PML-N government at Centre and PTI government in KPK are following the appeasement option.
It was a protest at the appeasement policies of Joseph P.