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She wrote, Appeasement to avoid bloodshed sends a dangerous msg to non-state actors and undermines the very concept of democratic peaceful protest.
Sharing her thoughts on the three-day riots across the country against a Supreme Court verdict acquitting Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who had been on death row in a blasphemy case, and the resultant agreement between the government and the protesters, Mazari said history shows that appeasement never works.
Supporters of appeasement believed that each new concession made a European war less likely, even as Hitler made his intentions clear.
According to Drilon, President Rodrigo Duterte should reevaluate his policy of appeasement toward China as records showed that it was not resulting in increase in trade and investments and in tourist arrivals in the country.
The former Foreign Office Minister added: "Appeasement in the 1930s, you name it.
Lord Malloch-Brown said Britain needed to stay close to the EU because instances like appeasement showed what happened when the UK tried to shut itself off from the continent.
Reacting to the government's move lifting Haj subsidy, the MP said the BJP, the RSS and others were raising a hue and cry over just Rs 200 crore and terming this as appeasement of minorities while hundreds of crores of rupees were being provided for pilgrimage and religious events in various states.
It included freeing India from poverty, terrorism and separatism, casteism, appeasement politics and corruption while focusing on cleanliness.
In an interview with The New York Times published on Thursday, the Saudi crown prince said Riyadh prefers a confrontational approach to "appeasement" in dealing with Iran.
"The responsiveness of all the political forces to the calls for appeasement, enhances stability on the security level and preserves national unity," Aoun said.
The policy of appeasement should no more be the mantra because this has cost Pakistan dearly.