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Halifax was an appeaser, a man who had talked of terms with Germany.
I have myself been accused by some correspondents of being a Muslim appeaser, and by others of being a Brahminical Hindu; by some of being a self-hating Bengali, and by others of being a Bengali chauvinist.
But that would be to over-simplify: find a tyrant anywhere and you will not only find a victim but an opponent, an apologist and an appeaser.
And the Olympic Stadium, with its 55,000 crowd, had enough intimidating effect to turn the Swedish referee into a quivering, pressurised appeaser.
But to some unionists, another Churchill quote came to mind: "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile - hoping it will eat him last.
99), an aromatic meat and onion stew perched on a mound of rice and listed as a veal dish, but only available with lamb one evening, should be noted as an appropriate cold-weather appeaser.
But now that the Philippines is known as an appeaser, it might as well be open season on Filipinos working overseas.
Doyle would have been amongst the first to call Tony Blair an appeaser.
John Paul, survivor of Nazism and witness to communism's demise, cannot be dismissed or caricatured as an appeaser or European softie.
Obama with Hitler appeaser Neville Chamberlain for the handshake but he, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham shook hands with Muammar Gadhafi in August 2009 and in less than two years all three wanted to assassinate their Libyan buddy.
In the eyes of the Left, Neville Chamberlain had switched overnight from a warmonger to an appeaser.