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And he compared critics of the action to the appeasers of Hitler in the 1930s.
Mr Tony Blair yesterday launched a stout defence of Nato air strikes against Yugoslavia, comparing critics of the action to the appeasers of Hitler in the 1930s.
The PM admitted that those raising doubts about the military action were not appeasers - contradicting Ministers who compared Labour MPs with appeasers of the Nazis in the 1930s.
The demonstration today represents the professional appeasers, pacifists and a couple of dozen luvvies.
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has made that his theme tune, harping back to the appeasers of Hitler in the 1930s.
He and others were not listened to because appeasers are, by definition, wishful thinkers, never confronting unpleasant truths.
But we welcome him saying that those who raise doubts about this war are not appeasers or faint-hearts and deserve to have their concerns answered.
He said that by allowing Chief Whip Hilary Armstrong and Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram to compare anti-war Labour MPs to Nazi appeasers, Mr Blair was comparing the prophet Mohammed to Hitler.
We are all appeasers if we don't agree with everything you say?
We have no truck with appeasers in the face of such a dangerous threat to our free world.
Warning against appeasers in the Party Mr Straw added: "We have a clear choice: To indulge and to appease bin Laden by doing nothing or to defeat his evil by taking effective military action within a comprehensive political strategy.