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If Western nations take part, it will be clear nothing has been learnt from the dreadful mistakes of appeasing Hitler.
Speaking on the occasion he said that the new provincial government had promised change through dialogue and appeasing the militants.
When humans practice cannibalism, generally it's for complex psychological reasons, such as appeasing gods or honoring ancestors.
What we can't do is enter into a negotiation right away where we are appeasing them.
Researchers found company managers sometimes have concerns that may tempt them to pad earnings--for example, improving their bonuses, appeasing shareholders or lienholders or both and attracting potential investors.
Finding loaner furniture to substitute for late deliveries, helping the contractor work around piles of debris during a garbage strike, or appeasing local neighborhood coalitions are all in a day's work.
But government racial policies of the past three decades were more concerned with ending racial inequality, a direct result of centuries of exploitation and discrimination, and less concerned with appeasing the advantaged white population.
Such cosmological vision finds its echo in the Shinto rituals that surrounded the house's construction, appeasing the gods and locating its place in the universal scheme.
The president's decision may succeed in appeasing Rep.
TM) (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) is a synthetic pheromone that naturally controls and manages pet behavior associated with anxiety, fear, stress or phobias.
After the approval of the summary by finance division, sources added that the Federal Director General Shaista Pirzada has started appeasing his blue-eyed ones in the lists of 407 teachers to be reinstated.
And Farrow is appeasing her worried pals by undergoing regular medical tests.