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Elle conservera jusqu'a l'independance de l' Algerie cette appelation avant de redevenir une mosquee.
Resulta paradojico que para la raza de lidia no exista en Espana una figura de calidad diferenciada, cuando encontramos por ejemplo la Appelation d'Origine Control ee de Viande "Taureau de Camargue" y la Denominacao de Origem Protegida "Carne de Bravo do Ribatejo" en paises vecinos como Francia y Portugal, respectivamente.
22) The link between Floichot, the manuscript owner, and the legal profession is made explicit in the appelation "clerk and royal notary [clerc et notaire real].
90) At the other extreme, perhaps taking a lead from George V's appelation (the stateliest ship afloat'), (91) the Daily Telegraph regarded the ship as an exemplar of extraordinary beauty .
Referred to as the Primera Zona, Lujan is the first controlled appelation established in Mendoza.
The now famous estate, some 80km north of Cape Town, was originally known by its French appelation 'Bellinchamp' (pretty fields).
There is some evidence that Yusuf's family actually came from the large Jewish community in the Hejaz; and that Nazareth did not exist in Pontius Pilate's day but was a later naming to explain why JC was called a Nazarene or Nazarite, which was actually the appelation of a sub-sect of the Jewish Essene sect.
L'Aid al-Adha (son appelation arabe) marque chaque annee la fin du hajj.
At home in the South of France, Queiresha, an Algerian, has helped her and her husband Michel revitalise their once dilapidated old farm into a vital, productive olive producing unit once more, even gaining the highly prized Appelation Controlee for the quality of the oil pressed from their dupes (olives).
Depaz Amber Rum is aged in oak for 12 to 18 months and has earned an Appelation d'Origine Controlee (AOC) designation.
He described the 2004 as an Appelation of Origin wine.