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A person who, dissatisfied with the judgment rendered in a lawsuit decided in a lower court or the findings from a proceeding before an Administrative Agency, asks a superior court to review the decision.

An appellant, sometimes called the petitioner, must demonstrate sufficient grounds for appeal, which are usually specified by statute, in order to challenge the judgment or findings.

Whether a party was a plaintiff or defendant in the lower court has no bearing on his or her status as an appellant.


n. the party who appeals a trial court decision he/she/it has lost. (See: appeal)


noun aggrieved party, appealer, contender, delator, litigant, objector, party, party to a suit, petitioner, suitor
Associated concepts: appellee
See also: claimant, contender, contestant, litigant, party, respondent, suitor



APPELLANT, practice. He who makes an appeal from one jurisdiction to another.

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An SMA member requesting secrecy hoped that the appellants would get the stay order within three weeks.
I have heard the learned counsel for the appellant who has contended that the two courts below have failed to appreciate the law and facts involved in the matter that under the provision of section 14 of the Limitation Act the appeal so preferred was within limitation as according to him the appellant never slept over his right but he was agitating his grievance and the delay,
For reason that we are not in agreement with the findings of the Insurance Tribunal both on merits, as well as, on the point of limitation, the present appeal is allowed and the application moved by the appellant before the Insurance Tribunal stand allowed.
It appears that the appellant attempted all possible methods to attack the arbitral award issued by the Center, as the appellant began an application to annul the award before the other party could commence execution of the award.
Between 10 March 2016 and 28 March, members of the South African public were afforded the opportunity to provide comment on these provisional decisions anonymously and confidentially to an independent forensic audit firm appointed by the Minister to oversee this process and verify information filed by appellants.
Allstate did not owe a duty to provide either a defense or indemnification to appellant in the Licking County litigation.
The amendment allows an appellant from the planning board derision, where an appeal to the ZBA might be required, to first proceed to the ZBA and complete that process before filing the planning board appeal at court.
In 2005, after the appellant had given a firm assurance to the police that the family dispute was resolved, the certificate was returned.
The appellant is what is described in all three decisions as 'a pathological gambler.
It has also devised a new format for filing an appeal to the Central Information Commission (CIC) under the transparency law besides making it mandatory for an appellant or his authorized representative to appear before the CIC either in person or through video-conferencing, according to the new rules notified on July 31.
PUL-I-KHUMRI (PAN): A 25-year-old man who raped a schoolteacher was sentence to 16 years jail by the Appellant Court in northern Baghlan Province, an official said on Saturday.
Costs awards can be made against a local planning authority, an appellant (the person making the appeal) and, rarely, even third parties.