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A person who, dissatisfied with the judgment rendered in a lawsuit decided in a lower court or the findings from a proceeding before an Administrative Agency, asks a superior court to review the decision.

An appellant, sometimes called the petitioner, must demonstrate sufficient grounds for appeal, which are usually specified by statute, in order to challenge the judgment or findings.

Whether a party was a plaintiff or defendant in the lower court has no bearing on his or her status as an appellant.


n. the party who appeals a trial court decision he/she/it has lost. (See: appeal)


noun aggrieved party, appealer, contender, delator, litigant, objector, party, party to a suit, petitioner, suitor
Associated concepts: appellee
See also: claimant, contender, contestant, litigant, party, respondent, suitor



APPELLANT, practice. He who makes an appeal from one jurisdiction to another.

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The documents further state that in pursuance of the LHC order, the opportunity of personal hearing was afforded to the appellants on December 21, 2017.
The appellant concerned had concluded a scheme whereby he had entered into an agreement to sell his vessel and fishing right during 2013 and confirmed an intention to deceive the Department into granting a representative of board letter and subsequent section 21 transfer of fishing right.
The Appellants did not provide evidence to support the proposition that Congress intended to ban bulk telephone metadata collection immediately, and their argument that the clarification of "relevance" is meant to end the telephone metadata program immediately, felt.
The respondent was not satisfied with the response of the appellant and observed that:-
The District Court had found that the antiquities were potentially blocked because they became 'contested' assets once the Appellants, as judgment creditors, asserted Iran's ownership of the items.
The result has been that the appellant files an appeal with the superior court, and at the same time files an appeal with the ZBA.
The appellant failed to establish error because no transcript of the lower court's proceedings was available; (10) or,
Appellants argued that Conlon's opinion was defective because he did not use the most recent comparable sales; he used inflated profits that were speculative and not supported by the current market; and he used only single lot comparables instead of available comparable bulk sales.
The general rule is that appellate courts can grant affirmative relief only to those parties who sought such relief as appellants or cross-appellants.
Appellants are already blessed with three children and both are 50 years old.
They summed up the case Mr Elias presented: "The respondents' principal submission was that, despite the shortcomings in the practices adopted at Canton Police Station, and, accepting the expert evidence concerning the personality of Hall, examination of the totality of the evidence points decisively to the appellants being the persons responsible for these offences.
However, as a councillor, I am more than happy to advise potential appellants on the process, and would have done so forms Wright, had she only asked me first, instead of implying that I was responsible for the issue of tickets.