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Given these indisputable cases, I assume that the other lines contain a similar, though sometimes less transparent connection between appellative and description.
With regards to Latin Americanism, from within the United Nations a commission that recognizes the appellative Latin America was also established in 1948: the Economic Commission for Latin America of the United Nations (ECLA).
The 2016 race may feature two candidates who share names with praiseworthy pop-music figures: Webb, whose distant cousin Jimmy Webb wrote the achingly beautiful antiwar song "Galveston," among other hits, and Scott Walker, the public-union-busting Wisconsin governor whose appellative double is the teen idol turned eccentric minimalist who sang the lush masterpiece "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", only to walk away into his own world of night music.
His initial appellative tag, 'Honorable frendys', and use of the verb 'beseech', following the articulation of prayer in the first stanza, echo the opening address a preacher would employ in a sermon.
Lope and Cervantes each merit the appellative three times in the course of the Letters, as well as Francisco de Quevedo, Garcilaso de la Vega, Juan del Encina, Pierre Corneille, the music theorist Francisco de Salinas, and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, "a natural genius .
A name can change from a proper name to an appellative when a proper name takes on a metaphorical meaning.
While guaranteed to draw attention from scholars, students and casual enthusiasts alike, few realise that this name is entirely posthumous; 'El Greco' as an autonomous appellative was never used during the artist's lifetime.
The name of the street itself became appellative and ever since used to define pedestrian areas in different Russian cities.
Periphrastic antonomasias are used for the Minister of Tourism in connection to her spouse's business ("the blonde from Golden Blitz"), to her immoral behavior ("the maiden from Plescoi"; the appellative bears the antiphrastic stamp), (revistaflacara.
On 21 January 2005 the judicial panel of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania held an open appellative hearing to judge the administrative case based on the appeals of the Administration of Vilnius City Municipality, the defendant, and Eika UAB, a third party concerned, against the judgement of Vilnius County Administrative Court (passed on 30 September 2004) revoking the defendant's order in the administrative case based on the complaint of the Homeowner Association No.
Hernandez is being referred to as "el doctor," the appellative still used to refer to the senior Calderon.