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The theophoric names have been further sorted into seven subgroups comprising the five theophoric elements yhw, yh, yw, b'l, 'l, the divine appellatives ('b, 'dn, 'h, hm, mlk, 'm), and god names other than Yahweh, Baal, or El.
Clearly, endogenous reactions to Josephinist reforms discussed in later diets (Landtag) may not be neglected for the new criminalizing attitude and appellative formulations.
These appellatives are *urka (Voru and Leivu urg (Gen.
Their topics include why the average speaker does not appreciate the role of inferential processes in communication, conversational humor as a power game, the procedure meaning of the Chinese conjunction danshi/dan, the performance of relevance theory in translation studies, translating appellatives in Polish soap operas into English, translation and relevance in the early modern period, and how the relevance principle helps figure out when "the fifth" should be translated as "the fourth.
Note that in the case of appellatives we would speak of "polysemy".
To add some credibility, actors use highly-connotated Spanish words that usually belong to specific lexical fields: greetings, appellatives and a few universally known "cultural terms" such as siesta, fiesta, torero, matador and the like.
The letter does not specifically name the political groups or figures who correspond to these appellatives, but it seems that they are the secularists and the Shia.
Such derisive appellatives, all too commonly applied to those with some early affinity for science, should be doggedly countered with whatever means we can bring to bear.
Thus, in the last canzone, the lyric I invokes by name and pertinent appellatives an addressee, Mary, clearly identified by name; he also expresses his intention clearly and without shame and recognizes his sinfulness, thus fully accepting his own responsibility, while asking for Mary's grace so that her son, true man and true God, may accept in peace the supplicant's final breath:
The arbitrariness of the process (the Ruckumlaut verbs dachte < denken, sandte < senden remain unchanged) opens a gulf between appellatives and unaltered proper names or toponyms.
Then came better times, but those unloving interjections and appellatives remained forever dissolved in detergent soapsuds.
68) Apollonius' views on `indefinite' constructions containing definite articles and appellatives (= nouns and adjectives) or participles are not entirely straightforward, however.