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A party who has won a judgment in a lawsuit or favorable findings in an administrative proceeding, which judgment or findings the losing party, the appellant, seeks to have a higher court reverse or set aside.

The designation as appellee is not related to a person's status as plaintiff or defendant in the lower court.

Another name for appellee is respondent.




n. in some jurisdictions the name used for the party who has won at the trial court level, but the loser (appellant) has appealed the decision to a higher court. Thus the appellee has to file a response to the legal brief filed by the appellant. In many jurisdictions the appellee is called the "respondent". (See: appeal, respondent)

See: litigant, party

APPELLEE, practice. The party in a cause against whom an appeal has been taken.

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fact that neither the appellant nor the appellee actually agree with
In Goldwater, the court explained that "[w]hether the President's action amounts to a complete disenfranchisement depends on whether appellees have left to them any legislative means to vote in the way they claim is their right.
The second appeal challenged the bankruptcy court's order overruling their objection to a proof of claim filed by appellee American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
82) As the Federal Circuit has warned, an appeal as to which "no basis for reversal in law or fact can be or is even arguably shown," is frivolous as filed and sanctionable because it "unnecessarily wastes the limited resources of the court as well as those of the appellee, and therefore should never have been filed at all.
Brief on Behalf of Appellee, The Society of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, in OREGON SCHOOL CASES, supra note 1, at 275.
The appellees claim that the surplus should have been distributed only to those employees who made contributions.
The CAFC substantially adopted the arguments and reasoning presented on behalf of Appellee, Fidia, as well as the other Appellee, Director Kappos, in affirming the Board's decision.
One of the questions asked by the authors was whether an appellate court is obligated to apply the Tipsy Coachman Doctrine whether or not the appellee raised the doctrine in its brief.
Appellee Ryan, represented by Liberty Counsel, argued Florida was not required to give full faith and credit to the Washington adoption because it contravenes F.