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No matter which side of the fence one is on--the append supporters or append critics--all generally agree that email appending almost always delivers a very favorable ROI, often a remarkable one.
Create a macro to put together the actions needed to empty and append the Selling and Admin Outflows table.
Use the Manufacturing Overhead Budget table as the record source, and change the query type to Append to the Manufacturing Outflows table.
The second query, "Cash Collections," appends Subtotal, DetailLine, and Qtr1-Qtr4 to the Cash Budget table.
Next, create an Append query that sums the 3Total DL Hours Needed items from the Direct Materials Budget table for each quarter and adds them to the appropriate field in the Manufacturing Overhead Budget table.
Change the type to Append, and append it to the DM Cash Payments table.
Append DL Hours to Direct Labor Budget Query Field: Category: Product Direct Direct Direct Direct "2DL hours Name Labor Labor Labor Labor Per Hours Hours Hours Hours Bicycle" Table: Product Product Product Product Product Sort: Append To: DLCategory Budget 2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 20124 Item Criteria: or:
Now we need to make sure that the Make Table Direct Materials Budget query adds a place for the values to be stored and that all the append queries include Sort Order when they run.
This month we'll complete the last three append queries to finish accumulating the data in the Direct Materials Budget table.