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It is therefore possible that another lost poem, the "Idaean Dactyls", which dealt with the discovery of metals and their working, was appended to, or even was a part of the "Great Works", just as the "Divination by Birds" was appended to the "Works and Days".
To the "Catalogues", as we have said, was appended another work, the "Eoiae".
And accordingly, in a baronial way, the sign- manual BILLICKIN got appended to the document.
An absurd tag was appended, offering "liberal salary to University or public-school man"; and of a sudden I saw that I should get this thing if I applied for it.
To this was appended a message consisting of two words: 'Good news.
Against this there were double lines drawn in red ink, and the following note was appended to them--
Mr Merdle, after taking another gaze into the depths of his hat as if he thought he saw something at the bottom, rubbed his hair and slowly appended to his last remark the confirmatory words, 'Oh dear no.
And they appended to their verdict, a recommendation to the Home Office
Tenders are invited for Supply of ms6 lfm and qsml make festo as per hmt specification as appended to technical document
One of EMM's primary objectives is to provide the highest quality international email lists for businesses and, toward this end, EMM has appended critical fields to enable more narrow targeting and standardized much of their 24 million record database.
After checking the DM Cash Payments table to ensure the data appended correctly and closing the table, return to the query and save it as "Append Q2 Cash Payments.
DOTS Email Append enables businesses to increase response rates from their current contact list using appended email addresses to run opt-in email campaigns.