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The two main divisions of the skeleton are the trunk, or axial skeleton, and the limbs, or appendicular skeleton (Figure 5-2).
Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) is a non-invasive adjunct tool applied to the appendicular skeleton for diagnosing osteoporosis and identifying fracture risk (FDA, 1998).
Table 2 Suggested kVp Values Examination kVp Distal limb (tabletop exposures) 60 Appendicular skeleton 80 AP spine 80 Lateral spine Cervical 80 Dorsal * 70 Lumbar 100 AP Abdomen/pelvis 80 Chest 120 Skull 80 * Examination uses a breathing technique with a compensating filter.
The program design consists of numerous screens, each displaying individual bones of the cranium, axial, and appendicular skeleton and their anatomical markings.
Most other studies detail bone loss at the appendicular skeleton using Single Photon Absorptiometry (SPA) and Dual Photon Absorptiometry (DPA) and so are not directly comparable.
1) The most common site of involvement is the dorsal paraspinal region with a progression from the axial to the appendicular skeleton.