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The history of consciousness began with two fundamental tasks: to apperceive death and the transcendent.
Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News was one of many journalists who looked to the past to try to apperceive The Decision.
The fact is, this is not a book containing views that might be analyzed, considered, and criticized so much as a symptom of the author's refusal to apperceive reality.
Thus, whereas sound-producing organisms might develop speech to communicate, they need not apperceive' that species members experience similar kinaesthetic feelings when making the same facial and bodily postures needed to produce the same sounds (see discussion in Strawson, 1958/1964).
Our re-examination of what BLAST attempted to initiate at the beginning of the century may help us apperceive the intellectual-artistic climate in which we live now.
Perhaps any intelligent brain must perceive, apperceive, and find a personal reaction." (14) In view of this Leinster would have us believe that eventually the crews of both spaceships not only "got along very well," but spent "two hours telling dirty jokes" to each other.
The smaller minds are not interested in, they cannot apperceive or become aware of, phenomena that will not fit into their particular system of pigeon-holes, and will not wear any of their stereotyped labels.
Abandoning the pretense to capture the perfect portrait of Delie, whether in his thought, his heart, his soul, or his memory --to apperceive her--the poet loses entirely on the score of expression or depiction--he deceives, estranges, and disappoints himself--but he gains pleasure: "Si plaisamment ainsi ie me decoy"; "pour le bien ia receu"; "Pour non m'oster du plaisir, ou ie suis" (emphasis added).