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Although the factors listed by Gass and Selinker (2008) refer to the acquisition of nonnative grammar, the idea of apperceived input can also be applied to the acquisition of nonnative intonation.
He provides a fascinating account of how the more adept telegraph operators, through a kind of 'physiognomic logic', apperceived the idiosyncratic machinations of their fellow experts across great distances.
Then, when the new idea was related to other ideas already in the mind, it became apperceived.
They seemed to embody datedness, staleness, and gloominess as apperceived by Liang.
Indeed, one's experience of kinaesthesis can wax and wane, such that kinaesthesis itself becomes apperceived much of the time, especially when we become engaged in what we are doing, rather than on how we are doing it.
Dentro de este mundo textual operan las unidades de procesamiento (processing units): "that stretch of text which is apperceived as a surface structure and processed into a configuration of meaning" (1980:34).