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By contrast, Hamilton adds, the authority of "the British king extends to the declaring of war and to the raising and regulating of fleets and armies--all which, by the Constitution under consideration, would appertain to the legislature.
Victims are made aware of general conditions which apply to any release licence including being of good behaviour, living where directed, attendance at programmes as well as specific conditions which appertain to their particular offender such as a child sex offender who should have no contact with children.
Howarth quotes Hardy's assertion that "if we turn to poetry we find that rhythm and rhyme are a non-necessitous presentation of language under conditions that in strictness appertain only to music" (148).
Whether he be brilliant or trite, gratuitously violent or pointedly so, morally bankrupt or satirically moral, comic or tragic, derivative or original, Irish or British--this collection of essays will appertain, and will do so in an engaging, insightful, and remarkably readable way.
Virtually all forms of human activity seemed to appertain in some way to these natural cycles, for example whether in regard to the timing of weddings and the conception of children or the pervasive fear of nighttime evils as linked to witchcraft and Satan.
And here the Net and publishers' shrewd use of the blogs and chat rooms it provides are already birthing a whole new conceptualization of religion publishing as a more open-ended process, one in which publisher involvement with a volume does not reach its natural conclusion with the deployment of books to retailing outlets, but rather continues to appertain through the ongoing engagement of a book's content.
The most obvious and most unaccountable faults of "The Hutted Knoll," are those which appertain to the style--to the mere grammatical construction;--for, in other and more important particulars of style, Mr.
A woman who inherits property, or earns her own livelihood, can institute the family state, adopt orphan children and employ suitable helpers in training them; and then to her will appertain the authority and rights that belong to man as the head of a family.