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said I, "to be sure I have no right to laugh at you - a million and a half of money is too serious a matter for mirth - but you are not about to establish a third link in your chain - you will not find any especial connexion between your pirates and a goat - pirates, you know, have nothing to do with goats; they appertain to the farming interest.
I recalled the writer's peculiar face and certain traits I suspected, rather than knew, to appertain to his nature, and I answered, "A great deal.
We will now proceed to make some general reflections upon the governments next in order, and also to consider each of them in particular; beginning with those principles which appertain to each: now there are three things in all states which a careful legislator ought well to consider, which are of great consequence to all, and which properly attended to the state must necessarily be happy; and according to the variation of which the one will differ from the other.
And if ye appertain to me, still it is not as my right arm.
1m damages appertains to another claim over work on the museum's ceilings which NML also won and the judge said he would give his decision on how much AEW should pay at a later date.
However, the sales data appertains to a time prior to the School changing their policy to no longer allowing students off site at lunchtime.
This position appertains across the whole of the UK and not only within the North East, but the lack of demand from the public sector may seriously slow down the rate of development momentum and economic regeneration within major centres including Newcastle and Gateshead.
Knowledge appertains to the greater part, the supreme evil belongs to the lesser and baser part.
Commonsense is a word most MPs don't seem to comprehend when it appertains to them.