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Swelling and spilling into new objects of attachment, Eggers' appetence for erotic exchange enacts an urge for activity that is, paradoxically, desire for the stasis he sought to outrun.
(1993) The effect of route of administration of isolate 407A (UC-12497) on feed intake and selected ruminal variables of beef steers in an acute acidosis in appetence model.
A force de patience, j'avais fait admettre mes cahiers, mes crayons, mon petit magnetophone a piles qui ne fonctionnait jamais, mon appetence malsaine pour les paroles, toutes les paroles (p.
53), Coleridge evolved a unique theory of life that was consciously opposed to what he censured as a poisoning of the will or "a blind tho' plastic Appetence" (Notebooks 4: 5235).
On denote la meme appetence pour la militarisation chez les catholiques francais.
Belle gageure, qui ne satisfera qu'a demi notre appetence d'en connaitre davantage sur l'imagination anthropologique, ne depassant qu'en partie les critiques habituelles relatives a l'ethnocentrisme, au discours colonial ou a l'effet de reification des pratiques et des representations.
(13,14) Operation Big Itch used uninfected fleas to determine the coverage patterns and the suitability of the tropical rat flea (Xenopsylla cheopis, formerly termed the oriental rat flea) in terms of survival and appetence. The field trials were conducted at Dugway Proving Ground in September of 1954.
Diminished eating tended to coincide with fever, and appetence coincided with a return to normal temperature.
SERENUS can snaffle the Appetence Food & Wine Novices' Chase (2.20) at Plumpton today, writes Nick Deacon.
'Desire' is a postmodernist portmanteau term here for the dialectics of realization/repression in all volition, appetence, wish, imagination, passion, on stage and in the audience.