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She thus recommends that individuals with weight problems should preferably avoid looking at images of appetising food.
Instead, the image showed two fingers holding a line of text describing a Ryvita variety, with a photo of an appetising topping resting on top of the words.
Now Glendale's appetising new line brings together the appetising taste of a savoury lamb, shepherd's pie filling, with the succulent suet pastry crust of a baked savoury pudding.
IT'S a well-known fact that blue is the least appetising colour for food and that's why, according to a snippet in yesterday's paper, the Japanese have invented blue-tinted glasses to help people lose weight.
With its eye-catching new packaging, unique and appetising taste and an enticing new product, Cadbury Cakes Christmas range is set to fly off s helves this yea r.
Corvus bowls picture fruit that looks so real you could pick it, and they'd look appetising on any outdoor table.
I hope Sky don't change it, but looking at the other fixtures, which are not very appetising for your average football fan, our game at Villa will probably be changed.
The substance, which to dogs smells very appetising, contains a strong concentration of theobromine.
The Royal College of Nursing said: "Unless food is appetising, patients leave it on their plates.
The mixing of the different wheats is supposed to result in a more appetising, stronger loaf.