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88) The Holy Spirit brings about the cognitive and appetitive habits that ground the many coordinated operations of a life transformed in unrestricted loving.
42) Concerning Ptolemy's virtues of the appetitive part of the soul, both Ptolemy and pseudo-Plato define moderation ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) in relation to pleasures ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), (43) characterize self-control ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) as a type of enduring ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), (44) and use forms of the term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to define shame ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Given that AB towards alcohol cues is theorized to represent appetitive conditioning (Field & Cox 2008) while AB away from alcohol cues is thought to represent disengagement from or avoidance of the substance (Townshend & Duka 2007), we analyzed data from participants with these two apparently distinct types of AB separately.
The appetitive aspects of female behavior, as expressed during partner preference test, are reputed to be modulated at the mPOA level (Guarraci and Clark, 2006).
These experiences can be further incorporated into relational networks that are part of Leading Principles and are part of the appetitive quality that is found in them because of the approved fulfillments encountered when the principles are enacted.
1]R site is linked to the improvement of appetitive reversal learning and memory tasks in the goldfish Carassius auratus--a relationship that was further supported by the detection, via the application of their specific and selective antagonists, of [H.
However], if the depression of spirit is so low and there is present such consternation in the appetitive power that only with the greatest of effort and as though by means of certain torture, can the sick man take food, right away that is reckoned a certain impossibility, and therefore he is excused, at least from mortal sin, especially where there is little hope of life or none at all.
Appetitive processes control alcohol-seeking behavior, that is, they motivate and direct behavior toward sources of alcohol and they influence the initiation of alcohol consumption.
The second book - associated with "taste," the most corporeal of senses - finds these two discussing death with laborers, lower artisans, and beggars, figures who, because they are most enslaved to the appetitive, embrace life at any cost and at the most carnal level.
For Horus, the new king, Seth represents the organic, self-gratifying appetitive drive associated with the bodily realm that must be sacrificed for the resurrection of the deeper human impulse toward an embrace of higher spiritual, Other-centered realities.
His paintings invite perceptual and speculative completion by the viewer, but the materials he offers for this legitimate exercise are so philosophically hollow that he effectively lowers all but the appetitive expectations of his audience.
If color functions as a strong appetitive stimulus for hyperactive children as we have proposed, it could both improve and disrupt performance depending on its physical placement in a task.