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2005) initially paired a 5-s light with an appetitive sucrose reinforcer in rats.
Scholars commonly recognize the close relation in Thomas's thought between the perfection of the self and appetitive tendency, but there is disagreement over precisely what this relation is.
Television commercials frequently use humor and sex appeals, or, appetitive appeals/motivations.
Ultimately, satisfaction of all kinds eludes Faustus: his appetitive dissatisfaction is 'a corollary to what he senses as his inability to make satisfaction penitentially' (55), and his despair reflects contemporary uncertainties about Christ's own expiatory satisfaction: how it works, and how sinners might gain access to it.
6) They have invested vast sums into market research, product testing, sales techniques, and effective stimulation of appetitive impulses.
Love is the unitive movement of the appetitive faculty upon perceiving the "good.
In my understanding, sensory-specific satiety turns off appetitive drive when you have had too much chocolate or too many potato chips and you feel slightly ill.
But they showed in 2013 that they perform best when their appetitive is raging.
Furthermore, it mentions reports of patients who have all four problems, three of which involve appetitive behaviors.
The abnormalities may result in strengthened networks related to appetitive drive--or the need to fulfill desires--and simultaneously weakened networks that exercise control over behaviors.
Our experience of the world, then, is always also an experience of the being of the world, an experience that depends on the luminous medium of intentional and unified consciousness and manifests an appetitive orientation toward the absolute in pursuit of final bliss.