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Your guests may not appreciate making eye contact with this appetizer.
which creates a range of frozen appetizer products that are available for private labeling.
Nussbaum goes on to say, "We have selected our 5 best summer party appetizer ideas (http://www.
Have one family member pull out one slip of paper from the appetizer container.
PromotionBecause frozen appetizers and hors d'oeuvres are so easy to prepare and serve, and because the varieties are virtually endless, there is something for every occasion, i.
It's a worthwhile endeavor, as many operators are discovering that inviting guests to build an appetizer plate via mix-and-match, build-your-own or pick-two/pick-three options is a strategic solution that drives sales of food and beverage, and it actually helps operationally as well.
Of course, the appetizer, as its name implies, originated as an appetite-whetter intended to get the gastric juices flowing in anticipation of more substantial fare.
Retailers offering store brand frozen snacks could consider positioning these items as mealtime options, including as an entr'e, appetizer or side dish, Mintel says.
The appetizer and snack category is benefiting from a spillover of the restaurant trend of small bites, which fall somewhere between meals and traditional appetizers.
As an appetizer, McCain[R] X-Treme Fries[R] provide a low food cost with high margin potential for excellent profitability.