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He appears in the morning light as a robust, vital, appetizing sort of man of forty or thereabouts, dressed in a professional-looking black frock-coat with a white linen collar and black silk tie.
They have a Large appetizing section as well with whitefish, lox, and more.
Request for Proposal: Champss (choosing healthy appetizing meal plan solutions for seniors) program
Delights such as Herbed 'Chicken' Sandwich with Watercress & Cucumber (the 'chicken' filling is itself a multi-ingredient recipe including cashews and sunflower seeds blended in a food processor), Olive & Basil Zucchini Cannelloni Bites (using a separate recipe for macadamia and cashew cultured nut cheese), Superfood Maca & Cacao Cookies, and much more show that raw, plant-based cuisine can be appetizing to anyone and everyone
RBG Grill Muscat currently offers a special business lunch, a delicious threeA[degrees] course set menu priced at RO10 (inclusive of all taxes and service charge) for working executives who need a quick and appetizing midA[degrees]day meal.
What more is there to say about Russ & Daughters, the family-owned appetizing store and Jewish food landmark that has peddled herring, smoked salmon, cream cheese, caviar, and rugelach on the Lower East Side since 1914?
The research team led by Shen, who also is a member of the Biomedical and Health Sciences Institute, found that presenting fed fruit fly larvae with appetizing odors caused impulsive feeding of sugar-rich foods.
At the time, this now-iconic Jewish food was skyrocketing in popularity, and appetizing stores opened to meet the demand.
FreshCase(r) packaging is the first-ever, vacuum package for red meat that maintains the meat's appetizing color through a found-in-nature proprietary additive in the contact layer of the barrier package.
Cynthia: The appearance of this product is appetizing.
For a major Yorkshire based food company keen to take advantage of new market opportunities Appetizing Innovation was the perfect partner for a thorough and unbiased assessment of its new range.
Kids love seeing a feast of appetizing food at a party, but it can be tricky choosing popular dishes that are healthy as well as tempting.