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He appears in the morning light as a robust, vital, appetizing sort of man of forty or thereabouts, dressed in a professional-looking black frock-coat with a white linen collar and black silk tie.
It is the mixture of beans and maize cooked together as a sumptuous meal to the appetizing taste of the consumers.
" Gourmet Corner's clients are mainly people looking for dishes that are healthy and appetizing. Bettina, a cancer survivor, does not believe that healthy food cannot be tasty.
[USA], Dec 21 (ANI): You might love munching on fries or your favourite flavour of chips but according to a new study, seeing pictures of food with calorie information on it not only makes food less appetizing but it also appears to change the way your brain responds to food.
First with in-house dining in the 170 seat dining room, second, by selling appetizing products and, third, catering for the thousands of people living in the vicinity of Lake Worth, Florida.
Subjects were shown pictures of appetizing foods as well as control pictures of scenery.
They can also opt for Bebabel's novel concepts and try their variety of Saletti Bebabel's healthier take on spaghetti, or choose from the shareable 'Talatas' that offers an appetizing choice of three hot or cold mezzes, or bite into a Tarha a flatbread that comes in a combination of appetizing options.
Request for Proposal: Champss (choosing healthy appetizing meal plan solutions for seniors) program
Delights such as Herbed 'Chicken' Sandwich with Watercress & Cucumber (the 'chicken' filling is itself a multi-ingredient recipe including cashews and sunflower seeds blended in a food processor), Olive & Basil Zucchini Cannelloni Bites (using a separate recipe for macadamia and cashew cultured nut cheese), Superfood Maca & Cacao Cookies, and much more show that raw, plant-based cuisine can be appetizing to anyone and everyone!
RBG Grill Muscat currently offers a special business lunch, a delicious threeA[degrees] course set menu priced at RO10 (inclusive of all taxes and service charge) for working executives who need a quick and appetizing midA[degrees]day meal.
What more is there to say about Russ & Daughters, the family-owned appetizing store and Jewish food landmark that has peddled herring, smoked salmon, cream cheese, caviar, and rugelach on the Lower East Side since 1914?
When I was growing up on the Upper West Side in the 1930s, Broadway was lined with "appetizing" stores, that--unlike delicatessens, which sold smoked, cured and pickled meats--specialized in fish and dairy.