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things get a little funky, before turning appetizingly bitter.
They, like bananas, produce an appetizingly aromatic and refreshing flavour which takes them off in a different direction.
Imports has just launched a wine called, appetizingly enough, Argentine Beef.
Food that is moist and appetizingly hot (with extended holding time) contributes to a nursing home's food quality, food safety, customer satisfaction, and profitability.
Eve the fox swung her hips appetizingly, she sauntered over to Adam the hunk who was twiddling his toes and devising an elaborate scheme for renaming the beasts.
Though your barbecue won't get quite as hot as the circular Indian clay oven called a tandoor--which reaches 800[degrees]--long skewers of plump shrimp will still emerge appetizingly singed, a mouth-watering centerpiece for a simple, seasonal dinner.
Nevertheless, while Japan are certainly too short, Turkey are reasonably, rather than appetizingly, priced, so stake sensibly.
The most appetizingly flavored human flesh belongs to the eater of human flesh.
When fashion called for decolletage, as it frequently did during the 400 years of the corset's life, the breasts swelled appetizingly above the close-fitting bodice.