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The most appetizingly flavored human flesh belongs to the eater of human flesh.
More important, the food is presented neatly and appetizingly.
He heard himself telling the man and his wife (she had appeared, fat and pink, with a hot sausage arranged appetizingly on a plate) about his school of psychology, about the Founder, about premonitions and how the human ego worked.
Aficionados of the more famous stout may find O'Hara's a bit too assertive with its cocoa-tinged start, big and roasty middle and appetizingly dry and moderately bitter finish.
Provide a regular routine: Present meals at the same time and in the same place each day, with a variety of favorite foods presented appetizingly.
25 each) and a number of ``don'' rice creations with meat, chicken or fish draped appetizingly atop rice.
The dry heat of the grill browns them appetizingly and quickly, and the wafting smoke infuses them with flavor.