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People and innovation are at the heart of Barnardo's success, which means it's critical to have tools like Applaud in place to help us reduce the amount of time and money we spend on administration," said Bob Darby, Information Services Director of Barnardo's.
So come on Pentagon, the US State Department and even the White House; get up and zealously applaud what happened in Egypt.
We felt that Applaud had a worthwhile offering and a whole host of innovative ideas which we could sell to our customer base and were also keen to get the existing team on board with us.
The performer must always applaud his or her own performance and then jump up and down, shrieking like a banshee, before delivering a load of emotional diarrhoea.
The fans are going to applaud and I do not think anyone will have heard applause like it anywhere in the world.
Again, TEI applauds the decision to exclude in-house counsel from the application of section 10.
We applaud the NYT for putting an excellent reporter on the story who had no previous prejudices and who wanted to give the field a fresh look,.
Presenting the pair with floral bouquets, she said, "We salute them, we applaud them, and we are inspired by them.
And we need delegates to attend the Annual Gala to help us celebrate and applaud these important contributions from our Award winners.
I applaud Jason and deMarco for having the courage to sing the music that I know firsthand fuels their heart and soul, as it does mine.
As a Human Resources Specialist for the United States Department of Agriculture, I applaud your analysis of the recruitment and retention challenges that face the federal government today.
I applaud the emergence of black bestseller lists and those who are generating them because such charts prove the strength of black book buyers as a distinct and important market.