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The reader will not be surprised, then, at the calmness with which the doctor received the applause that welcomed him in the Royal Society.
and after the thing had closed with a peculiarly afflicting sermon the applause was enthusiastic.
The first burst of applause (led by the south) rang out, as the big man beat Fleetwood at his own tactics, and headed him at the critical moment when the race was nearly half run.
A few yards more, and Delamayn was in front again, amidst a roar of applause from the whole public voice.
At its conclusion (while the music was performing a symphony as if ever so many birds were warbling) the whole house was unanimous for an encore: and applause and bouquets without end were showered upon the Nightingale of the evening.
Then the harlequin rushed right into the arms of the policeman and fell on top of him, amid a roar of applause.
The audience was closing in with a cataract of applause, when Brown felt his arm abruptly touched, and he was asked in a whisper to come into the colonel's study.
The judgment of the jury was received with great applause, although Dorothy was sobbing miserably at the fate of her pet.
The wife then joined in the applause of her husband's sagacity; and thus ended the short dialogue between them on this occasion.
This feat of horsemanship again attracted the applause of the multitude.
will gain a woman some applause, but will not add one lover to her list--grace and manner, after all, are of the greatest importance.
Hence the applause was by no means general when the herald-at-arms proclaimed, after a flourish of trumpets, the names and styles of the knights who were prepared, for the honor of their country and for the love of their ladies, to hold the field against all who might do them the favor to run a course with them.