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(6) This is a lesser standard than the comprehensive, consolidated supervision standard applicable to proposals to establish branch or agency offices of a foreign bank.
In 5:43-48, Jesus effectively binds the commandment to "love your neighbor" as applicable also to enemies (or, we might say, he rejects a loosing of the love commandment by which some have indicated that "enemies" are distinct from neighbors and so not covered by the prescription).
In this case, the duty in question is prescribed by a single statute, applicable only to narrowly defined records and parties, namely, the Federal Records Act, e-mail, and the archivist.
The FAA has also adopted a new AD applicable to certain Airbus A300 series aircraft and all Airbus A300-600 series aircraft, requiring a one-time high frequency eddy current inspection to detect cracking of the splice fitting fuselage at Frame 47 between stringers 24 and 25, and corrective action if necessary.
Noncompliance with applicable enforcement requirements that would constitute or would create an imminent threat to public health, safety or the environment;
The 164.009 flammability test uses an apparatus similar to that of E 136 but unfortunately the test equipment and procedure are sufficiently different so that the E 136 equipment is not applicable.
Information that must be included with each waste shipment must include the EPA waste number, treatment standards and applicable prohibitions, manifest number and applicable waste analysis data.
Therefore, supervisors, while promoting professional affiliation and adoption of the applicable code of ethics in the orientation process, should note that a code of ethics is just one resource in making ethical decisions.
In 1Q13, the company reported a net loss applicable to common shareholders of USD 266m, or USD 0.23 per diluted common share.
111-312, a surviving spouse, assuming an election is made by the executor of the deceased spouse's estate, will be able to increase his or her applicable exclusion amount by the amount of the unused exclusion amount of the deceased spouse (dying after 2010).
* Repeal of the stepped-up basis rules, applicable with respect to decedents dying after Dec.
Auditors of the financial statements of entities subject to the guidance in this Guide also should refer to other applicable AICPA Audit and Accounting Guides, including Health Care Organizations, Not-for-Profit Organizations, and State and Local Governments.