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For example, physicians and other eligible professionals could report on individual measures for 80% of applicable cases for a minimum of three measures.
Unfortunately, the proposed rules applicable to acquisition costs do not include a de minimis rule.
35(a)-(e) (discussed above), its persuasiveness and the taxpayer's good faith reliance will be "determined separately under applicable provisions of the law and Regulations, including particularly sections 6662, 6664, and new 6707A.
Given the focus of this status on decision making, the literature on differences in decision-making style (Arroba, 1977; Harren, 1979; Herr & Cramer, 1996; Johnson, 1978) and on the validity of conscious decision making as a construct (Krieshok, 1998) is applicable to this status.
Bank's compliance with applicable laws and regulations is monitored by its auditors and the SBIF.
The fiduciary is following applicable "safe harbor" provisions (when applicable).
In 5:43-48, Jesus effectively binds the commandment to "love your neighbor" as applicable also to enemies (or, we might say, he rejects a loosing of the love commandment by which some have indicated that "enemies" are distinct from neighbors and so not covered by the prescription).
Both the $5,000 and $2,500 amounts applicable starting in 2006 will be indexed for inflation starting in 2007 and continue thereafter.
Each side may argue using the same case law -- why it is or is not applicable to the present case or how it should be interpreted -- or each side may cite different cases and argue why their cases, and not their opponent's, should control the present case's outcome.
The FAA has also proposed an AD that is applicable to the McDonnell Douglas Model DC-8 series aircraft that would require an inspection of the antifogging or heating wiring to detect chafing or damage as applicable.
A property-specific and rating agency-sensitive zoning report is then prepared, determining whether or not collateral is in compliance with the applicable zoning.