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But beyond the standard upgrade and new solutions, Attensity is one of those companies that keeps its eyes on the prize--or more applicably, the enterprise.
Criteria forcomparison of usability evaluation methods for e-learning systems and modules Criteria GENERAL Applicably in phase CRITERIA Required time Required budget Needed users Requirede valuators Required expertise Required equipment Method intrusiveness Style of evaluation Level of subjectivity or objectivity of the technique Type of measures provided Information provided Immediacy of the response E-LEARNING Method instrument(s) SPECIFIC Formal method background CRITERIA Heuristics/guidelines for evaluation Pedagogical criteria integration Evaluation target Evaluation of stakeholders' roles Empirical evidence of the method Empirical comparison with other methods Future developments of the method Criteria GENERAL Identified in CRITERIA Dix et al.
At the time, our work in class involved reading, writing about, and discussing applicably related chapters from our textbook, Seeing & Writing 3, by Donald and Christine McQuade (2006).
This positivism allows the Court to defer to legislative and other forms of government activity that are in some tension with normative principles that inform judicial interpretation of other parts of the Constitution such as the rule of law principle and the universally applicably provisions of the Charter.
Capturing this variability in applicably useful ways for large study population studies is challenging and often a multifaceted approach using self-administered questionnaires, walk-through surveys, instrument deployments, and sentinel monitoring.
The patches are available free of charge directly from the developers of applicably vulnerable software, and can be found at the corresponding company's Web site.
Interstate motor transportation of property contracts and rate schedules related thereto cannot be measured by the applicably filed tariff and cannot be tested for rate reasonableness by the ICC.