application for discharge

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Application for discharge of Section 75 planning obligation at house with integral garage at plot E, Underwood, Stepford Road, Dumfries - Discharge obligation.
Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal allowed Kejriwal's application for discharge, saying that there was not an iota of evidence that the DDCA or any official were personally defamed by his statement.
The department's slow progress left many borrowers and consumer advocates deeply discouraged--including Hammond, whose application for discharge has yet to be reviewed two years after she filed it.
Among these are MMDC's applications with DENR to be allowed to provide P30 million for the program to plant three million trees; application for discharge permits; and request for approval of the environmental protection and enhancement program and final mine rehabilitation and/or decommissioning plan.
Regarding the application for discharge of the warrant, the department said it has reconsidered the case against Ma and sought independent legal advice from outside leading counsel, who agreed with the department s 2005 assessment.
The application for discharge was made by counsel for Judge Mangan following the opening statement by counsel for Independent Newspapers.
The Secretary of State was advised to resist this application for discharge. That is what was done."
The amendment to S.170 of the Act requires the trustee in making a report to the court on the bankrupt's application for discharge to include in it "a recommendation as to whether or not the bankrupt should be discharged subject to conditions, having regard to the bankrupt's conduct and ability to make payment." In making such a recommendation, the trustee must consider whether the bankrupt, who could have made a viable proposal, chose to proceed to bankruptcy rather than to make a proposal as a means to resolve indebtedness."
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