application for relief

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If the corporation has filed Form 1120S for the first year in which the election was intended, the application for relief is filed under Rev.
Although the SCRA of 2003 contains various sections that provide penalties for violations of the afforded protections, it did not specifically state who could bring an application for relief, nor did it specifically exclude private individuals from filing a private cause of action.
Between 300 and 400 seamen had made application for relief claiming that their unemployment resulted from a miners' strike.
In death penalty cases, all petitions for extraordinary relief over which the supreme court has original jurisdiction, including petitions for writ of habeas corpus, shall be filed simultaneously with the initial brief in the appeal from the lower tribunal's order on the defendant's application for relief under Florida Rule of Criminal Procedure 3.
The three areas that have been highlighted include grey areas within the legislation that are presenting a window of opportunity, the fact that many developers remain unaware of the total benefit available to them and finally, the timing issue means that some developers are missing out on tax relief altogether by holding back on their application for relief.
The application for relief must be filed within six months after the due date (excluding extensions) for the entity's tax return.
announced today that its subsidiary, Pope & Talbot Pulp Sales Europe, LLC, filed an application for relief under Belgian bankruptcy laws in the commercial court in Brussels.
A joint application for relief must be submitted if more than one business is run from the same premises.
Without this certificate an application for relief cannot be considered.
The Act defines "dependent" as a spouse, child or any individual for whom the Servicemember provided more than half of the support for 180 days immediately preceding application for relief.
Any person whose application for relief from disabilities is denied by the Secretary may file a petition with the United States District Court for the district in which he resides for a judicial review of such denial.

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