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This application integration solution has also attracted the attention of major business suite providers; such as SAP and Oracle, which are featuring Web services in the next generation of products to enable integration between products and allow customers easier access to data within applications.
With iPaaS, data and application integration technologies are being re-imagined so don't let legacy, segregated approaches be a barrier to enterprise cloud and big data success.
Craig Muzilla, Red Hata[euro](tm)s vice-president and general manager of middleware, noted that application integration was among the fastest-growing segments of the business software market.
Additionally, the company said that FuseSource will improve its capabilities within JBoss integration software, a technology that complements the JBoss product line and will move it closer to the next generation of application integration products.
Microsoft appeared in the top five line-up for the first time, indicating that the release of its BizTalk 2004 Server was received with more enthusiasm than the company's previous application integration platforms.
Under the terms of the agreement, webMethods becomes Kanisa's standard within its Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) module.
Building on the company's leadership position in application integration technology, Jacada has developed the first robust, flexible and non-intrusive way to integrate Windows-based client/server applications.
LDAP isn't the only avenue to application integration. Another key standard, XML, continues to gain momentum as an interface between Web services, databases, and back-end applications.
Application integration company Cast Iron Systems has launched the Application Router 1000 device for business integration operations.
Recent research has shown that 52% of companies have implemented software application integration systems within the last year.
Kantay Systems, a developer of enterprise application integration and B2B infrastructure solutions, has brought out an automated HIPAA integration system based on its patent-pending MetaBind platform, a Javabased Universal Integration Framework.
Covisint has something like this, but, explains Lenzo, "Covisint doesn't know how to talk to M2M or any of the other ERP systems that the Tier 2, 3, and 4 suppliers have." Suppliers, through Covisint, can push requirements onto individual business systems, but somebody--the ERP supplier, an enterprise application integration vendor, or some sort of information technology services company--has to step in and map out the transaction sets so that business systems can talk the same "language."

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