application of force

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Given the circumstances which produced the two leaders at the 8th national Assembly, the application of force, a threat to opposing voices within the two houses gained momentum.
The Chinese Communist Party maintains power through the promise of growth and the application of force. It uses an elaborate system of censorship and increasingly sophisticated espionage on its own people.
As with any application of force, sanctions against Pyongyang entail substantial risks and the geological facts speak otherwise.
Speaking at in an international conference titled 'Instruments of Strategic Coercion: Theories and Implications' organised by think-tank Pakistan House here, he said: 'The harsh reality of power is as old as humanity, and the application of force, as a manifestation of power, is a common element in international relations.'
Peruvian regulators granted Karoon's application of force majeure related to Block Z-38, which became effective in 2013.
And that is deposing by application of force by de facto power that be.
Application of force and violence is not the only method for dealing with any issue while aiming at peace and stability in the country.
It was an intentional application of force to a patient whilst anaesthetised."
[UKPRwire, Wed Nov 22 2017] The controlled movement of parts and controlled application of force are some of the primary requirements in industries.
"Instead of dropping a bomb that could potentially kill civilians in the area, it is a very precise application of force and because it was so far way, the bad guys didn't have a clue what was happening."
The company says hands on workstation sessions will provide practical insight into the application of force, pressure, torque and surface strain sensors using the Kistler maXYmos production monitoring systems for zero defect manufacturing and in addition, there will be an Introduction to the Kistler electro-mechanical joining systems using the maXYmos NC production monitoring system.
For an object that has stopped, or settled, a fresh application of force is necessary to overcome inertia and impart momentum once again.

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