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Direct skin-to-skin contact at the application site should be avoided before OTG has completely dried, and persons who assist in the application of the gel should wear appropriate gloves to prevent exposure to oxybutynin.
The firm has been buying land in the past three years and now owns all of the application site.
Converting existing land application sites over to constructed wetlands is the most cost-effective means for enhancing our ability to increase the efficiency of our water reclamation process, while recapturing additional raw water for water production," says Brannan.
Completing the application site is 48-52 Vittoria Street, a distinctive building with a striking blue facade which dates back to the 1850s.
The application site is in the Jewellery Quarter Conservation Area and sits close to several listed properties but none of the buildings on the application site are listed.
The application site is allocated as provisional open land on the council's Unitary Development Plan.
The application site, currently agricultural land, is located adjacent to the existing Armstrong Richardson building of Mount Pleasant Way.
AFTER submitting planning applications, developers are often asked by the planning officer or by objectors why the application site has been chosen when there are other, more suitable sites available.
The most common application site side effects--sunburn, dryness, and rash--were reported by no more than 3% of patients.
Planning officers are studying the bid, which consists only of a site plan with a red line showing the application site and no other details.
The most common side effects in dogs are mild and transient skin reactions such as erythema or alopecia at the application site and, in cats, pruritus at the application site.

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