applied logic

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Quorum's new private settlement feature takes the broader Ethereum network's applied logic much, much farther.
Thus, by a bit of not too difficult applied logic, if 3,000-odd turbines produced 2.
There are always other competing explanations for why the groups might or might not have differed--and these require applied logic and consideration.
IT is said that "real truth and applied logic rarely gets the publicity that it deserves".
It is not because he was right, admits Tallis, that the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher remains significant, but because of how he posed questions and applied logic to them.
Finally, I will just mention some of the other nuts and bolts of the main argument that appear to be based upon, or at least supported by, some very dubious readings of Kant's texts: 1) Hanna states that Logic according to Kant is a moral science; Kant says only by way of illustration that pure logic relates to applied logic in the same way that pure morality relates to the doctrine of virtue (A 55/ B79).
They presented their idea to a panel consisting of Stephen Kingswell, corporate development director of international learning and development business RDI; Phil Cornwall, of Applied Logic, and Sherod Williams, of Walker Thompson Accountants, who are respectively chairman and vice-chairman of the IoD for Coventry and Warwickshire; and Sandra James, managing director of Perceptual Learning.
Technology promises the power to deliver insight through applied logic, selectivity and monitoring of key relationships, which offer rich inputs to the decision-making discussion and drive better and faster decision-making.
For one category, the suffering is real, practical and happening now; for the second, it is a matter of theories and applied logic.
The Supreme Court applied logic and common sense last year when it upheld the constitutionality of CIPA.
It must be acknowledged, however, that Lerner's "proof" is based primarily on applied logic and derivative argument.
HERE'S the perfect example of German applied logic.

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