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They used a multiple shot clip applier (which did not need to be removed from the abdominal cavity after each application to exchange clips) as well as an ultrasonic scalpel and a bipolar device that had a cutting blade, thus avoiding exchange with laparoscopic surgical scissors.
70) "A general term 'F' is a rigid applier if it is such that (is) it applies to an object in any possible world, then it applies to that object in every possible world in which the object exists.
In 1 case conversion to an open procedure was required because of uncontrollable bleeding following application of a malfunctioning clip applier to the splenic vein.
Plant- regeneration from cotyledons and embryonic axes in applier - sites of reaction and effect of culture in the light, Euphytica, v.
Orata could be accepted as the improver and the applier but not the inventor of the hypocaust system, and he became famous and rich from these works.
Also, they used a 5-mm clip applier on the cystic artery and duct and a 5-mm 30[degrees] laparoscope through the epigastric port.
Today, the knowledge worker who makes a difference is less a knower than a learner and applier," notes Mike Wing, IBM's (ibm.
The form that applier covers both perils of fire and theft.
When the remittance is from a regular customer whose documents appear frequently, the cash applier takes about five minutes to make and store a template for that remittance form.
As they watched the green-paint applier, They realized he's a "lawn-falsifier"; Now we must confess, It would bother them less If the walls were a little bit higher
Instead, eager to streamline the process and to keep it inexpensive, we allow the judge to serve as the trier of fact--as well as the applier of the law.