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They used a multiple shot clip applier (which did not need to be removed from the abdominal cavity after each application to exchange clips) as well as an ultrasonic scalpel and a bipolar device that had a cutting blade, thus avoiding exchange with laparoscopic surgical scissors.
This conception of the study of Lawor, to some, the science of Law which we call legal positivism-a wide group of numerous, varied and contrasting schools of thought (4)--is not responsible, as it is vulgarly understood, for leaving defenseless the people and the appliers of Law against arbitrary, cruel and criminal laws in effect today and in oppressive and totalitarian regimes throughout history.
This conformity function may change in accordance with the preference of the applier as it is explained above.
(70) "A general term 'F' is a rigid applier if it is such that (is) it applies to an object in any possible world, then it applies to that object in every possible world in which the object exists.
In 1 case conversion to an open procedure was required because of uncontrollable bleeding following application of a malfunctioning clip applier to the splenic vein.
The ICA CSV 40, used for four-lb whole bean coffee, and equipped with a printer and valve applier. The ICA CSV 40 Paket, used for 12-oz whole bean and ground and 32-oz whole bean and ground corner seal bags.
If necessary, a 10-mm clips applier or blood vessel sealing devices can be placed through the assistant's port.
Plant- regeneration from cotyledons and embryonic axes in applier - sites of reaction and effect of culture in the light, Euphytica, v.1-2, n.77, p.135-139, 1994.
Orata could be accepted as the improver and the applier but not the inventor of the hypocaust system, and he became famous and rich from these works.
Also, they used a 5-mm clip applier on the cystic artery and duct and a 5-mm 30[degrees] laparoscope through the epigastric port.
"Today, the knowledge worker who makes a difference is less a knower than a learner and applier," notes Mike Wing, IBM's ( VP for strategy.