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Weck introduced the clip in one size in April 1999 with open surgery appliers.
downstream appliers of the force of law test were required to adjudge
Other reasons judges can't be just law appliers are the complexity and confusion engendered by a stratified legal system, that is, state statutory law, state common law, state constitutional law, federal statutory law, federal common law, federal constitutional law.
A few respondents mentioned that some municipalities or land appliers post signs to inform the public that land application is occurring but that it is not an effective form of notification because the signs are often difficult to see and interpret.
However, even EIP as Haight defined it and multidimensional EBP as Petr operationalized it treat practitioners as essentially consumers and appliers of research rather than as legitimate producers of knowledge as well.
Corporate biosolids land appliers did not respond to requests for an interview and are therefore not represented in the interview results.
providing Intuitive with a worldwide, exclusive license to Cardica's intellectual property, which relates to tissue cutting, stapling and clip appliers, for use in the surgical robotics field.
Even when using a sunscreen, many of us are less-than-perfect, inconsistent appliers of topical protection.
Nevertheless, contrary to the appliers for asylum, the U.
For 2010, the Diala governorate--in coordination with the federal government in Baghdad--has agreed to employ 740 people out of nearly 5,000 appliers of both illiterates and educated, who will receive a monthly salary of 140,000 ID, and graduates, who will receive 200,000 ID.
When traditional butchers and meat processors Scotbeef sought equipment for their new state-of-the-art factory in Glasgow, the firm called in specialists Herbert Industrial for its Gemini Lightning weigh price labellers, Gemini Flexiwrap C-fold wrap and Cyclone label printers and appliers This ensured product identification and labelling was of the highest quality.
MPI has acquired the business rights, intellectual properties, manufacturing technologies, development expertise and trade rights for the endoscopic ligation clip appliers and surgical clips currently distributed by Gyrx and Endox.