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Nevertheless, there are few data regarding the quality of haemostatic techniques for laparoscopic OVH, and no study has evaluated the laparoscopic clip applier, or its use with the two portals video-assisted technique.
The local authorities and appliers who have trialled it have been impressed with the results, particularly the time saving offered and the fluidity of the process.
This acquired Vesocclude portfolio consists of several sizes of titanium clips used to close the tubal anatomic structures, which come loaded in a patented "push and click" cartridge system that facilitates easy loading into either open surgical or endoscopic appliers.
Vesocclude's ligation clips and appliers are used in surgical procedures to close tubal anatomic structures such as blood vessels or ducts.
Furthermore, the uptake of direct energy devices has limited demand for clip appliers, which represent a large proportion of internal closure device revenues.
applications in place--and exerting binding effect on future appliers of
Yet, "most appeals to federal courts can be decided satisfactorily by straightforward application of known and definite law to the facts of the case, and because most trial judges and intermediate appellate judges take seriously their role as modest law appliers .
William Cosenza, 72, said being an older driver -- or, part of the 60-plus age group that is broadly defined as "mature drivers'' -- doesn't make him a road hazard, but a smarter driver on roads clogged with cellphone users, makeup appliers and others too important to slow down and respect the rules of the road.
19 In our study also, the reason of difference among SGA levels at admission to hospital could have resulted from differences among the appliers.
This conception of the study of Lawor, to some, the science of Law which we call legal positivism-a wide group of numerous, varied and contrasting schools of thought (4)--is not responsible, as it is vulgarly understood, for leaving defenseless the people and the appliers of Law against arbitrary, cruel and criminal laws in effect today and in oppressive and totalitarian regimes throughout history.
There will be emphasis on those spots where US-led multinationals and appliers of modern technology in military defence need to stay.
All respondents told us that neither public officials nor land appliers directly informed them that sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants would be applied near their homes.