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Category Two applies to buildings and other structures.
2036(a) applies for bona fide sales for full and adequate consideration.
Insurers argue that the mental illness limitation applies to any disability in which the insured exhibits symptoms of anxiety or depression, even when these symptoms are secondary to physical conditions such as headache, muscle ache or fatigue.
The NIST indicating system supplies direct current excitation to the load cell through the use of a DC power supply, which applies voltages to the load cell excitation input leads of [+ or -]5 V relative to the load cell ground wire, thus giving 10 V between the leads.
Previously, this requirement only applied to foundations and now applies (with some exceptions) to charitable organizations.
If you arrive without an MVV and stay longer than 90 days, you have to prove you have a work permit, which you can only get if your Dutch employer applies for a government work permit on your behalf.
The doctrine also applies to situations involving a yearend gift by check to a noncharitable donee, treating the gift as complete in the year of delivery if certain conditions are met.
Part 226) applies depends on the nature of the transaction.
The spotter anchors the lifter into place by sitting on his feet and applies the resistance to the front side of the shoulders.
Instead, this model uses a "wet-on-dry" process: Each station applies one color and then dries the ink immediately, so ink contamination is prevented.
Since the Act applies to virtually all employers regardless of the use of their premises, it could be argued that the cost of installing alterations necessary to comply with the Act should e shared by all tenants in an office building.