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Technological spill has impacted more the coir craft and least the patta and applique craft.
The shower curtain is a seashell pattern and part of the By the Sea collection, which also offers resin accessories with glitter highlights, embroidered and applique towels, and a bath mat.
Unique items on display were blankets made from pieced old socks with zigzag stitches, wall hangings made of velvet upholstery swatches with applique designs, rugs made of denim pieces, and assorted jackets and vests made from many different kinds of recycled fabric and buttons.
Each vehicle employed Autonomous Solutions' Mobius Command and Control Software as its AMAS A (Autonomy) Kit, and Kairos' Pronto4 Robotic Applique Kit for the AMAS B (By-wire) Kit.
The part of the Army tactical network modernization program is the Harris SRW applique systems.
Step five: When you''ve finished the applique, place the stocking shapes right-side together, making sure the fringed or ribbon-edged tops are level with each other.
Her shawl and dress are made of the same material and aside from the cloth applique panel in the front, it is not overly adorned.
Rocker panels for the 2006 Buick Lucerne and a fascia applique for the Jeep Liberty are said to represent the first mass-production use of thermoformed "thick-sheet" paint film with Class A finish for exterior trim panels.
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HI-DENSITY APPLIQUE -- The process foregoes traditional screen printing in favor of a laser that prints photographic quality images directly onto the polycarbonate substrate of the cluster applique.
The intricate detailing is what makes the collection stand out, with butterfly applique and beads used on trendy cargo pants and mini skirts to soften the look.
Patchwork, applique, embroidery and other techniques have long been practiced there, but the ``quilting craze'' took Japan by storm just 25 years ago.