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Placing the template on the wrong side of the applique shape, use a stencil brush to apply starch to the seam allowance [photo 6].
Topstitch the applique twice W from the perimeter using a straight stitch.
Whimsical applique and exquisite smocked baby bedding with coordinating accessories are exclusively available at the Storehouse.
Jersey fan print dress, pounds 225; Gloss corduroy jacket, pounds 290, and culottes, pounds 220, with striped jersey yoke front top, pounds 185; Striped short sleeve scoop-neck top, pounds 165, and wool peplum skirt, pounds 195; Striped short sleeve scoop-neck top, pounds 165, and wool wide leg trousers with turn-up, pounds 240; Long sleeve cowl-neck fan print top, pounds 195, and wool wide leg trousers with turn up, pounds 240; Jersey wrap dress with satin applique, pounds 245; The fan-inspired print used throughout the collection; Jersey top with satin applique, pounds 195
Moreover, applique forming in the T8 is done in a closed chamber that Daum says ensures excellent control of sheet sag and temperature, which improves part quality.
The only other additional costs the OEM should be aware of are the costs of tools required to create, shape, and cut out the applique from raw stock.
Applique periwinkle patches with white ribbon embroidered flowers dress up shower curtains in Springs' new Freesia collection.
The Quickdraw Interrogator is capable of receiving and requesting information from either the PRC-112/GPS-112 Applique combination or the GPS-112 CSAR Transceiver.
The applique will provide digital capability to weapon systems that do not have this capability.
Margie created her cheerful Easter birdhouse design with fusible applique and brightly colored scraps.