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Apply pressure to the area using a bandage or a towel.
Although the United States has relocated its personnel outside Yemen, US officials still have the ability - via ongoing communications with government personnel, as well as assets and resources that the United States maintains in the region - to continue to apply pressure on the extremists seeking to capitalize on the chaos in Yemen to establish a safe haven to plan and potentially execute attacks against the West, Earnest said.
Sunderland began to find their footing but Sefton were too dominant and continued to apply pressure, only increasing their advantage.
Scotland continued to apply pressure on the Welsh line and were given a man advantage after Nathan Hawkins was sin-binned for a reoffending high tackle.
Town continued to apply pressure until that fateful 14-point turnaround.
The Chief Constable Association should apply pressure to the MPs and force them to do their duty properly and pass a zero law, instead of passing the buck to police because MPs refuse to risk the voters' backlash.
That way I will apply pressure to everyone, and someone will have to play really well to catch me.
Treasury Department's latest efforts to apply pressure on the finances of Syrian President Bashar Assad's government.
Webster, who pleaded not guilty to the Grade B offence, was also fined pounds 300 after the RFL Disciplinary Committee ruled he had used his body to twist and apply pressure to Riley's leg.
Over time he has used various ways to apply pressure to the LI4 point when suffering headaches; clothespins, the eraser end of a pencil, or his other hand.
The figures will apply pressure on the Bank of England - tasked with bringing the rate of inflation down to a 2% target - to raise interest rates sooner rather than later.
It said: "Having failed to convince Netanyahu to freeze construction of settlements for Jews in the occupied West Bank, the administration of US President Barack Obama has opted to apply pressure on the Palestinians.