apply reason

See: deduce, deduct
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This incident is unacceptable regardless of the political affiliation of the victim," he added, urging all political parties to apply reason and overcome narrow political calculations so as to avoid adverse consequences.
For anyone grappling with how to understand their mate, or how to get a date, HowStuffWorks explains it all in plain English -- helping you apply reason to romance.
It would be so much cheaper and simpler if we could just apply Reason instead.
Maybe in the not to distant future, we can apply reason to the events here.
A society of learners would be more able--and likely--to think independently from each other, to apply reason and skepticism.
Encourage learners to apply reason to what they are doing.
Under ICAEW regulations, an auditor must apply reason to ethical principles, added Mr Groom.
The problem is that although God has given us minds to reason with, when we apply reason to spiritual matters without having a living relationship with God, it gets us nowhere.
My own feeling is that once you apply reason and democracy to the Crown, the whole thing falls apart.
He criticizes those who would apply reason to religious faith, and castigates "cafeteria Catholics" who subscribe only to those religious dictates with which they agree, but then argues that the Catholic Church's call for "a just wage" is based on "misunderstood economics"
The emancipation of reason, he suggested, calls for a commitment to apply reason in addressing the problems of society, just as the advanced world had done.