apply reason

See: deduce, deduct
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We need more politicians who apply reason, logic and humanity, not emotion, prejudice and aggression.
There was a movement called the Mutazilites, in which it said that God gave us reason so we should apply reason to live and not just following the scripture.
Hopefully the courts will apply reason and decide in favor of Walgreens.
12:32Cabinet releases a statement, expressing remorse for victims, asks Muslim Brotherhood leaders to apply reason
The mesmerizing effect of September's bugles force you to stay focused and apply reason and understanding of an elk's basic survival habits to each encounter.
This incident is unacceptable regardless of the political affiliation of the victim," he added, urging all political parties to apply reason and overcome narrow political calculations so as to avoid adverse consequences.
In addition, the Review and Production Module allows reviewers to view all related documents in context, perform one-click tagging, redact documents and apply reason codes.
We apply reason and analysis to the process to refine the numbers.
It would be so much cheaper and simpler if we could just apply Reason instead.
Maybe in the not to distant future, we can apply reason to the events here.
A society of learners would be more able--and likely--to think independently from each other, to apply reason and skepticism.